Even before God created man, he had formed nature with the purpose of sufficing all human needs. We at Herbz International believe that nature holds a cure for all human ailments. These magical cures of nature have always been there for us to use, but with science and technology offering several momentary answers, man failed to seek and find the wholesome solutions that nature offered. Even the most powerful and effective natural remedies which sustained mankind for several generations were soon to be buried in history with the advent of synthetic substitutes which merely address the symptom rather than the root cause of an ailment.       
Herbz International launches Go Lite in Bangalore
Feb 17 , 2010

Herbz International has launched a weight loss product called Go Lite. A 100 percent natural, herbal and vegetarian product, it is currently available in 150 outlets in Bangalore, but will be available in 600 outlets by June-end. It is available at an introductory price of Rs.1,199 per bottle.

Go Lite to be launched in India
Feb 16 , 2010

The weight conscious elite in Bangalore are soon going to have another exotic weight loss solution in the offing. Go Lite, a brand owned by Herbz LLC, USA is all set to be hitting retail shelves across India, starting with Bangalore on June 9th, 2010.

Herbz to kick-off in India with Go Lite
Feb 16 , 2010

Herbz International, the Kerala based ayurvedic products exporter, has chosen to initiate its Indian operations with the launch of Go Lite, a premium ayurvedic weight loss solution. Go Lite is to be sold in encapsulated Vegetarian capsules and would be launched in Bangalore in May 2010.

Herbz International to launch its products in the Indian market.
Feb 16 , 2010

Herbz International, the natural product export company promoted by the Kerala based Kynadi Group has announced that it would be launching its products in the Indian market in May 2010. Herbz International has been exporting its herbal medicines and dietary supplements to various markets across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Herbz International to launch a new line of dietary supplements
Dec 11 , 2008

The Kerala based herbal supplement company, Herbz International, is all set to launch a new line of exotic herbal supplements based on ayurvedic concepts. The new line called ‘Kerala Rediscovered’ offers traditional and natural wellness solutions from Kerala, the land of ayurveda.

Invigo shows remarkable results in clinical trials
Feb 11 , 2008

Clinical Trials done on ‘Invigo’ - the sexual energy supplement manufactured by Herbz International - showed unprecedented efficacy in addressing sexual incompetencies. The trials done at the Pondicherry University demonstrated remarkable success rates in addressing several common sexual problems.

Invigo: Indian Viagra
Dec 12 , 2008

A Safed Musli based supplement called Invigo, manufactured by the Indian company Herbz International is ready to storm the shelves in pharmacies and nutrition stores across the globe. Safed Musli, known as ‘Divya Aushad’ or divine medicine in vedic literature, is one of ayurveda’s most celebrated aphrodisiacs.

Aunthentic Ayurveda: From Kerala to Anaheim
Dec 11 , 2008

Authentic Ayurvedic products from Kerala, ‘the land of ayurveda’ were exhibited at the Natural Products Expo West 2007 here at Anaheim by Herbz International, an exhibitor from the state of Kerala in South India.

US FDA Registration for Herbz International
Dec 11 , 2008

Herbz International, the Kerala based ayurvedic dietary supplement manufacturing company has registered itself with the United States FDA. This entitles Herbz International to legally market its dietary supplements in the US.

The world's oldest practiced system of medicine 'Ayurveda', is said to have originated more than 5000 years ago  in the state of Kerala, in the southern tip of India. Based in Malabar, the hub of ayurveda in Kerala, Herbz International capitalizes on its access to the world’s most exotic ayurvedic formulations and propagates these natural therapies to enrich human health around the world. In other words, we strive to ‘heal the world, naturally’.